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16In acquisition to respond to RQ1, a multivariate study off variance having fun with Pillai’s shadow is actually presented. 07, F(cuatro, 261) = 5.10, p = .001, ? dos = .07. 06, and you can Idealization, F(step 1, 264) = six.89, p 2 = .03. No tall variations came up between them groups on the other personal values : Only, F(1, dos64) = dos.33, p > .05, ? 2 = .01, and you may Love at first glance, F(1, 264) = .17, p > .05, ? dos = .00.

Teenagers who desire a romantic relationship but are currently single is decreased likely than the co-worker that in a beneficial big connection to trust you to like can also be beat problems when you look at the a relationship and that a romance and you can an individual’s spouse would-be prime

18As Table 2 ways, the highest pooled contained in this-classification correlations anywhere between discerning parameters and you may standard canonical discriminant attributes was noticed to own Love Finds a way and Idealization, proving that these intimate opinions discussed regarding higher education to help you identifying within solitary and you can partnered communities. Sigue leyendo